UNA is an international architecture studio driven by a strong cultural agenda. Operating at multiple scales with projects ranging from contemporary art foundations to exhibition designs, private houses, and publications, UNA’s work is informed by critical research. Based in Venice, where the office built its foundation on the legacy of FWR Associati, UNA introduces radical thinking within historically charged sites. UNA is fuelled by the relentless curiosity and determination of its team and its founder, Giulia Foscari, which also led to the establishment of UNA’s non-profit alter ego, UNLESS.


Giulia Foscari W. R. is an architect, researcher and activist who has been practising in Europe, Asia and the Americas. She is the founder UNLESS, a non-profit agency for change, and of its alter ego UNA, an architecture studio focussed on cultural projects. Giulia taught at Hong Kong University and at the Architectural Association. The work of UNA and UNLESS was exhibited extensively internationally. Giulia authored Elements of Venice and edited Antarctic Resolution (Lars Müller Publishers). She is a member of the International Council of the MoMA, a Board Member of the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia and of the Antarctic Southern Ocean Coalition.


Giulia Foscari, Federica Sofia Zambeletti, Giulia Bergamo, Eleonora Cappuccio, Niccolò Cesaris, Micaela dal Corso, Elena del Prete, Hannah Demmin, Sonja Draskovic, Fabrizio Esposito, Alessandro Gatti, Roland Henning, Joshua Labarraque, Barbara Materia, Giulio Marchetti, Enrico Manente, Antonella Mariani, Nikki Moffit, Ines Molinari, Elena Pollastrini, Francesca Pagliaro, Arianna Pesce, Olimpia Presutti, Daniel Springer, Javier Santini, Ignazio Servetto, Luca SopelsaAlberto Spinella, Sabrina Syed, Olympia Simopoulou, Lloyd Sukgyo Lee, Daniela TerrinEnza Zaccaria.


UNA collaborated with ESA Engineering, GAD Studio, Impresa CEVKnow How Production, Lisson Gallery, MTEC, OMA architecture, Sacaim SPA, TTE Strutture


UNA is always looking for new people to join our team.
If you want to  apply for a position at UNA, we invite you to send an email to with your CV and portfolio (max 5mb).


San Marco 2839
30124 Venice, Italy
+39 (0)41 5203966



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